Malka Hoppy Wheat Is Back!

After a break of about a year due to the move to the new brewery, Malka Hoppy Wheat is back to regular production with a twist.

Malka Hoppy Wheat is not a regular wheat beer. True, from the outside it looks like a classic wheat beer, it is yellowish, hazy and has a large white head that leaves a funny mustache. However, on the inside, it is a unique wheat beer.

We chose to give this type of wheat our own interpretation, so that you can enjoy a unique, interesting and local beer. We used our own yeast and a dry hopping technique to add more aroma to the beer, because that’s how we like it.

The bottom line is that Malka Hoppy Wheat is not another German-style wheat beer, which is something the Germans do well.

In English, these types of beers are called Hopped Up Weizen, but you can simply call it Malka Hoppy Wheat.


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