Malka Is Moving

For 11 years, the brewery in Yehiam was like a second home to us and now we have moved to a new and cutting-edge brewery in the Tefen Industrial Area.

The new Malka Brewery in Tefen is in line with the world’s most advanced breweries in terms of brewing and bottling equipment and even includes an innovative quality-assurance laboratory. Since moving to the new brewery, we see (well, actually taste…) a significant improvement in the quality of our beers and their shelf life. Of course, we continue to maintain our fresh beer policy, which means the beer is not filtered or pasteurized.

We have also purchased additional fermenters, increasing our production. This is extremely important as it allows us to brew special and seasonal beers all year long. Increasing our brewing capacity has also allowed us to reinstall the production of our beloved Malka Hoppy Wheat.

But that’s not all; on the second floor of the brewery, we will open a beautiful visitor center (we know it’s bragging, but we can’t help ourselves) with a bar and restaurant. The expected opening date is January 2019.

Don’t worry. You can rest assured that our beer garden in Yehiam will continue to operate as usual on weekends. Every Friday and Saturday from noon to evening, we’ll be happy to welcome you there as usual with a cold beer, a smile, good music, the stunning view and the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

We look forward to seeing you at Yehiam and Tefen!


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