Celebrating Israel’s 72nd year of independence with Malka Beer.

We are excited to introduce our new Great Leaders edition and home deliveries.
Just before the country went into lockdown, Malka brewery—located way out in the Western Galilee—managed to bottle a new beer edition. As is customary, the Galilean brewery launched an Independence Day edition that includes all the national historical figures. Golda Meir, Binyamin Zeev Herzl, Chaim Weizman, Menachem Begin, and David Ben Gurion all come to life as hipster-historic caricatures created by the artist Amit Shimoni, aka History.
Like most businesses, Malka Brewery and Malka Saloon—located above the brewery in Tefen—also had to temporarily close their doors. Normally, visitors can enjoy a great lunch menu amidst the delightful aromas of brewing beer, watch the brewing process and even take a tour of the brewery. The Malka Beer Garden, which is located at the foot of the Yehiam Fortress and attracts hundreds of people every weekend with its beautiful sunsets, wonderful food and refreshing cold beers, also had to close its door until further notice.
The party-goers among us had to deal with some disappointing news as well when it was announced that the second Indie Malka Festival—aka the Galilean Independence Day Festival—had to be postponed. The first festival was held in May 2019 in the Malka Beer Garden and included live performances, Malka Beer from the keg, food stands, an artist fair and live DJ sets. The festival was such a success that the organizers wanted to repeat it this year and continue the Indie Malka Festival tradition. However, due to the situation, the festival organizers announced that it would have to be postponed to another date in the foreseeable future.
Despite all the challenges, Malka Beer initiated a special project and teamed up with Negev Beer and Herzl Beer, creating an Israeli craft brewery collective. The goal of the project is to express our appreciation of the liquor stores that sell craft beers, to guarantee the continuation of sales and to support small, local businesses.
So how does this work exactly? All you have to do is go to the website of the craft brewery collective, choose your favorite beer and the website will connect you to a liquor store that delivers to your area or a liquor store located near you. After choosing the beer that you want, you will see a detailed list of all the businesses that sell the beer. The list includes a wide variety of stores, from liquor retail companies to small, local businesses. The beers are purchased online or via telephone and are of course delivered to your home, as customary in these times.
You can find Malka’s special Independence Day edition in most of the stores that appear on the craft brewery collective’s website. Collect the five Great Leaders beer labels and celebrate the holiday with an Israeli independent beer. The illustrated labels are also created locally by the Israeli artist Amit Shimoni, known as Hipstory. This is the second time that we asked Shimoni, who is well-known for his unique style of illustrating world leaders, to create a special label for each type of Malka Beer in celebration of Independence Day.
Malka Beer invites you to celebrate Independence Day with an independent, local Israeli beer.
We wish all our customers and the people of Israel a happy Independence Day!
Click here to go to the craft brewery collective’s website.


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